Lumen5 is an AI video tool that helps automatically populate content for videos.

Lumen5 – AI Video Tool

Lumen5 is an AI video tool that helps to automatically populate relevant content for videos.

AI built to repurpose marketing content, by Automatically turning blog posts into videos or transforming zoom recordings into captivating clips  


Lumen5 uses A.I. and machine learning to help you turn blog posts, whitepapers, and other written content into videos with the click of a button.

Auto generate captions for all your video clips

Hundreds of customizable designs made to help you communicate effectively and consistently.

Timing of each scene is algorithmically determined based on average reading speed.

Lumen5 will automatically fetch content from your link, pulling in text and images to begin the transformation process.



GUY’s Findings

This feature can be a great help when creating or editing your own videos. You don’t have to worry about manually picking the information and adding it to your script; Lumen5’s AI will do all of this work for you!